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NOTE: This is the website for the 2nd (2012) edition of this book. If you have the 1st (2007), Chinese or Italian editions, go here.
  What are "targets"?
Targets are the web pages (or web sites) that webbots and spiders use as resources. Since web pages change frequently, we decided to use canned web pages for all the web pages used (targetted) by the examples and projects in this book.

What are the bennefits of these targets?
These canned targets provide the following benefits to readers:

  1. There is no danger that these websites will change and adversely affect the operation of the example webbot projects in the book, ensuring that the book's example projects will work well into the future.
  2. These targets will allow you to focus on debugging your bots instead of worrying if the targetted websites have changed since the book was published.
  3. These targets provide a safe place for you to experiement.
Addresses of Target Pages
Chapter Name URL Notes
Introduction n.a. n.a.  
Chapter 1 n.a. n.a.  
Chapter 2 n.a. n.a.  
Chapter 3 Hello World! http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/hello_world.htmlTarget for your first webbot
Chapter 4 n.a. n.a. n.a.
Chapter 5 n.a. n.a. n.a.
Chapter 6 Form example search/search.php Used as an example form emulation
Form analyzer http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/form_analyzer.php Analyzes submitted forms
Chapter 7 Sample webpage http://www.schrenk.comSample webpage
Sample image http://www.schrenk.com/north_beach.jpg Sample image
Chapter 8 Sample store http://www.webbotsSpidersScreenscrapers.com/buyair This simple sample store is used to monitor prices.
Chapter 9 Nasa Viking http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/viking/index.htmlThis is a NASA page with a lot of images for testing the Image Download Webbot
Chapter 10 Hyper-reference test page http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/page_with_broken_links.phpThis page links to pages with links in various conditions (poorly defined, broken, internal errors, etc)
501 Error page http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/501_error_page.phpCreates an HTTP 501 error
Chapter 11 Generic Search Page http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/searchExmpample (static) seartch engine used by search ranking webbot
Chapter 12 RSS Page 1 http://www.lasvegassun.com/feeds/headlines/all Your should be able to substitue any of these pages with any other valid RSS feed.

Google "RSS" for more examples.

RSS Page 3 http://www.startribune.com/rss/1557.xml
RSS Page 3 http://www.lasvegassun.com/feeds/headlines/all
Chapter 13n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 14n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 15n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 16n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 17 Zip code form http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/zip_code_form.phpExmpample zip code finding application
Chapter 18n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 19n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 20 Basic Authentication Example http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/basic_authentication/ These three URL provide practice areas to write autoauthenticating webbots

The user names and passwords are published in the book.

Cookie Authentication Example http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/cookie_authentication/
Query Authentication Exmaple http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/query_authentication/
Chapter 21 Cookie writing example http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/EXAMPLE_writing_cookies.phpThis web page writes a temporary cookie and a permanent cookie to your browser or webbot
Chapter 22n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 23n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 24n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 28 Page redirection http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/head_redirection_test.phpThis web page performs an HTTP header redirection after a five second delay.
Simple form http://www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/easy_form.phpThis form contains hidden values, parsed by LISTING 25-9.
Chapter 29 Sample XML www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/29_7.php
While a webbot doesn't care, to view corrently in a browser, this file would need an .XML extension.
Chapter 29 Example of a light-weight interface www.WebbotsSpidersScreenScrapers.com/29_9.phpThis file is a webbot interface and not intended to be read in a browser.

If you are reading this file in a browser, look at the page source to see the correct formatting.

Chapter 30n.a.n.a. 
Chapter 31n.a.n.a. 
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